Umeeda in Rwanda

Umeeda Switlo is volunteering in Rwanda for 3 months with CUSO-VSO. She is fund-raising for grassroots partners working in HIV/AIDS and disability.

Rwanda 2011 is a place where people help each other in a celebration called Umuganda

Umeeda Umedaly Swilto

Dec 20 2011

John continues his interview and talks about his life during and after the 1994 war.

He was injured at the time and spent over a decade in a hospital. He now lives in a community and with his family.

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Umeeda Umedaly Switlo is the Public Engagement Officer of CUSO-VSO West in Vancouver. Inspired by the Returned Volunteers she met doing her Public Engagement work, she decided to give her time to volunteer overseas. She is leaving for Rwanda in September 2011 where she is going to work on HIV/AIDS and disability. She is going to fundraise for Rwanda association working on those issues. Umeeda is going to stay in Kigali for 3 months. She is very involved in International development issues and she truly loves Africa. She is looking forward to make the difference and to build capacities during her assignment. Listen to the stories about this amazing experience! About Umeeda Umedaly Swilto

Umeeda Umedaly was amongst 80,000 people who in 1972 left Uganda as refugees.
Umeeda works with CUSO International as an outreach officer for Western Canada. She loves Africa and its people.
Umeeda had a Cuso teacher in Uganda and recently volunteered in Rwanda as a Fundraising adviser for 5 disability groups in Rwanda.

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